DeGroff family genealogy project

From which immigrant ancestor is Darren De Groff descended?

This question is a valid one - upon first doing this research - I was convinced the answer was "Andries De Graef" but as I've dug in - I am not so sure........................................

Option 1: Andries de Graef

Andries de Graef, with the Dutch East India Company, arrived in New Amsterdam (now Manhattan) in 1624 aboard his own boat - the Claas Aaron.  His son, Claas Andriese De Graef, was the an earlier settler of the Albany region of New York State.  As detailed in A History of the Schenectady Patent in the Dutch and English Times "The first land settled upon west of Scotia was the Hoek. This farm was taken up by Claas Andriese De Graaf, the first settler. After his death, which took place before 1697, his widow, Elizabeth Brouwer, leased it to Jonathan Stevens and Daniel Mascraft. (70-3)"

We visited this land; on it now stands a historic house, the Flint House, which is currently closed to the public. The De Groff men seemed comfortable and happy on what may be their ancestral lands; Darren at one point got quite thoughtful - perhaps sensing the historic flavor of the day or maybe he was just hungry?

Option 2: Jean Le Comte

The Harlem waterfront as it appeared in 1765.

Jean le Comte, a French Hugenot, arrvived in New Amsterdam, New York, in November of 1674, with his wife (Mary Laurens) and one child, Moses.  Le Comte is French for The Count - the Dutch for The Count is 'de Graaf:.  The name was anglicized and has morphed through the years.

The Le Comte traveled to New Amsterdam with Isaac See, Isaac See Junior; they settled in the area of NYC we know today as Harlem. According to History of Harlem, by James Ricker, Le Comte died on May 24, 1675.  His son Moses, settled in Ulster County, New York and his descendants are found in Kingston, New York throughout the Colonial era.  (The New York Times did a piece on the "finding" of Harlem's original Dutch settlement.)

Option 3: Leedert Arentszen DeGrauw

DeGrauw is first found in New Amsterdam in 1688. His descendants moved to Bergen County, New Jersey and then one branch moved to Manhattan.  According to Wilson V. Ledley in his 1958 book "New Netherland Families" the DeGrauw's and the DeGroves were confused by 1790 Census takers and the trails are lost.

Option 4: Adolph Pieterszen DeGroeft

DeGroeft is first found in New Amsterdam in 1657.  His descendants become the DeGroves. 

Option 5: Yet to be found immigrant ancestor

This option seems unlikely - as an amateur - and novice - genealogist, its hard to imagine that someone else has not already found this answer - and just not put the pieces together in a way that connects to Darren.

... and so we begin -- starting with Darren and Tom 


  1. Do you have an email address I can send you a note on. I have a few questions for you as I am researching this same family. Thanks

  2. Hi my name is Clare DeGroff son of Walter DeGroff. My sister has done much research on our family and may be able to fill in some missing pieces or maybe you can fill in some of ours.